Interlocking Vinyl Plank Flooring

Interlocking Vinyl Plank Flooring

Feel the flooring dynamism with High moon’s interlocking vinyl plank flooring

Highmoon’s interlocking vinyl plank flooring in UAE is the hottest flooring option on top preference in the market as of now. Not a joke, seriously they are! Many furniture lovers are ripping up their traditionally molded carpets and putting down interlocking vinyl planks for a beautiful wood look in their homes. 

Highmoon’s interlocking vinyl planks prove that you can get wood-look flooring with a perfect finish, without the heavy expense and maintenance required while buying and installing the actual hardwood. Let’s be precise, if you own a family, kids, and even a pet, you don’t want to go hardwood anymore. It will surely turn rough in no time under all those different kinds of stress. That’s where Highmoon’s interlocking vinyl plank flooring gains significance.

Why does UAE Highmoon’s vinyl planks’ thickness matter? Well, because it gets more and more sturdier according to the increase in thickness. Our thicker interlocking vinyl planks are denser and more substantial too beneath your feet. Of course, every home is different in its ways and for your home, you may not need the thickest plank always. Some of our thickest planks are meant for commercial use.

Protective wear layers with Highmoon’s interlocking 

Well, Highmoon’s interlocking vinyl plank flooring possesses protective wear layers and this is what keeps our vinyl flooring away from any kind of surface scratches and stains. After numerous success stories regarding the usage of Highmoon’s interlocking vinyl plank flooring, our beloved clients have even found an equation that the combination of thick vinyl and thick wear layer brings our higher quality and durability as the ultimate positive result. When the planks are interlocked via a drop-click system, the floor attains more firmness and grip between every piece of vinyl, assuring maximum protection. 

If you are using our interlocking vinyl planks for a space with comparatively low traffic, you might not require the insertion of the thickest wear layer. However, if you are planning to install Highmoon’s vinyl flooring amidst the rough and tumble life, then definitely adding the thicker one is better. Putting it simply, the wear layer is a bodyguard for your vinyl flooring.

Buy them soon!

Highmoon’s interlocking vinyl plank flooring is available across the UAE cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, and Sharjah, along with other GCC nationals such as Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

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