Interior Designs in Dubai

Interior Designs in Dubai
Interior Designs in Dubai

Highmoon Interior Design Company was established in 2007 by Mr. Kalamegam Natarajan in Dubai’s market. It pioneered low-budget ceiling and cove lighting designs, along with economical wallpaper options. The company also offers hidden light options to enhance the beauty of office interiors while ensuring attention to quality finishes.

Interior Design

The evolving work environment in many companies necessitates new office interior designs. Businesses are transitioning from individual cubicles to more open workspaces, emphasizing lean and flexible designs. Highmoon provides expert consultancy to small-business owners to meet the evolving workplace demands effectively.

Top Interior Designs in Dubai

Many companies are adopting open-space interior designs, and demolishing walls and cubicles to promote transparency and team spirit. Highmoon specializes in various interior designs, including commercial offices, retail spaces, residences, showrooms, studios, and restaurants. It advocates for a balance between individual workspaces and collaborative areas, ensuring privacy and productivity.

Office Interior Design Trends

Traditionally, office interior designs allocated about 250 square feet per employee, including individual workspaces. However, this has been reduced to 150 square feet with the rise of flexible work arrangements. Highmoon promotes a “work from place” mindset, accommodating remote work and optimizing office space utilization.

Home Office Interior Design

As remote work becomes more common, companies need to consider ergonomic home office designs. Highmoon emphasizes the proper positioning of computer monitors and suitable lighting to prevent strain and promote productivity. Consultation services or assistance from health insurance providers can aid in setting up ergonomic home offices effectively.

 Highmoon Interior Design Company stands as a pioneer in Dubai’s interior design industry, offering innovative solutions tailored to the evolving needs of modern workplaces and home offices.

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