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School Furniture

School Furniture

School Furniture in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi the capital city of UAE, houses the federal govt. offices and is the seat of the United Arab Emirates Government. Abu Dhabi’s fast-paced movement towards urbanization along with the high average income of its 1.5 million population has transformed Abu Dhabi into a modern Metropolitan. We at Highmoon Pride are a part of such a city and are termed as the top Manufacturers of School Furniture in Abu Dhabi.

Playing host to such a versatile and large group of culturally diverse people has enabled Abu Dhabi to become the center for varying educational learning and development. With education being such an important part of people’s development skills, the city is now home to almost 60 – 70 educational institutions comprising schools, universities, and training institutes offering programs for students at various levels.

Highmoon Furniture being ranked one of the best school furniture suppliers in Abu Dhabi has not gained this fame overnight. Providing furniture to a given space is a complicated art, especially when the art involves around comfortably spacing children of different ages, cultures, and economic backgrounds in one place for a single function.

Comfortable furniture is an essential key to better concentration and enhancing the efficiency levels of students. Studies have revealed that the posture and angle of seating help to stimulate the brain and increase attentiveness. We at Highmoon constantly work towards creating masterpieces that are designed by some of the most brilliant designers and raw materials sourced from some of the finest markets around the world. Each piece of furniture from Highmoon is always quality checked and flawless top-school furniture is supplied in Abu Dhabi.

Classification of School Furniture:

Nursery/ Kindergarten Furniture:

Kindergarten serves as a second home for children, fostering interactive learning while allowing them to play, relax, and grow. Such environments require furnishings designed with enthusiasm, incorporating vibrant color schemes, appealing shapes, and rounded edges for safety. Highmoon offers innovative color schemes and modular classroom concepts to create energetic spaces for kids. As one of the leading school furniture companies, we provide seating, dining, and playroom furniture tailored for children aged 0-6. Our skilled craftsmen prioritize safety and satisfaction, customizing furniture based on children’s age, weight, and mental state to deliver quality products to our clients.

Elementary/ Secondary school Furniture:

Growing with age children move on to elementary and secondary classes where the needs of the children change completely. The concept of Modular classrooms for such age groups has gone through a drastic change over time. Whereas traditionally classroom furniture consisted of only tables, chairs & blackboards, now the teaching has evolved with the usage of diverse teaching aids and thereby matching furniture for the same.

Elementary and Secondary school furniture comprises:
  • Classroom furniture – chairs, desks, teachers’ desk sets, storage cabinets, blackboards, projector cabinets, etc.
  • Lab furniture: chairs, tables, and storage cabinets designed with quality materials to endure wear and tear taking place in various labs
  • Sports Room – benches, resting chairs, safety lockers, etc.
  • Computer and AV room furniture – computer tables and chairs, Comfort chairs for AV
  • Library Furniture – Bookshelves and racks, seating and desking for a comfortable reading experience
  • Canteen Furniture: benches, tables, serving area tables, support furniture for the kitchen area, etc.
  • Auditorium Furniture: Stages, Portable stages, risers, stands, etc.
  • Hostel furniture: Beds, cupboards, study tables, etc.
  • General Furniture: sofas, waiting chairs, executive seating desking for non-teaching staff, etc.

We offer a range of color-coordinated and durable furniture crafted with high-quality wood and steel to withstand daily frictional damage which marks us as one of the top school furniture Showrooms in Abu Dhabi.

University Furniture:

University furniture stands apart from elementary and secondary school furniture. While the sub-classification of furniture remains similar, university furnishings exude a more mature and refined style. Unlike school classrooms, university spaces foster community and advanced learning.

In today’s digital age, laptops, and technological teaching aids have replaced physical books, driving the demand for sleeker designs and space-efficient seating. Highmoon understands the evolving urban landscape and furniture trends, offering tailored designs to meet market demands. With some of the best school furniture showrooms in Abu Dhabi, we are renowned as a top school furniture manufacturer and genuine supplier.

Our unique style and craftsmanship elevate institutions, creating comfortable yet chic environments conducive to learning and innovation.

Educational Furniture Line featured by Highmoon

  • Kindergarten & Preschool Furniture
  • Classroom Furniture
  • Training Room Furniture
  • Computer Tables
  • Library Furniture
  • Hostel Furniture
  • Canteen Furniture
  • Auditorium Seating
  • Lobby Seating
  • Laboratory Furniture
  • File Cabinets & Student Lockers
  • Executive Tables
  • Chairs

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