Flooring Materials

Flooring Materials

Most businessmen are trying to right flooring, for example, luxurious carpet or classic hardwood floors for executive prestige, industrial rubber, and concrete for high-tech edginess, and funky vinyl or laminate for a relaxed, contemporary feel. Furthermore, flooring can be one way of expressing your company’s environmental stance by choosing Eco-friendly materials.

Flooring Options

  • Carpet Tiles
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Laminate & Vinyl Flooring
  • Epoxy Concrete Flooring
  • Environment-Friendly Flooring
  • Raised Access Flooring
Carpet Tiles

For quiet, comfort, and executive luxury, it is hard to beat carpet. Of course, to achieve the right look, it must be a good quality, high-grade carpet made of the best fibers. To help increase durability, particularly in high-traffic areas, choose a carpet that has short, tight piles and level loops.

A good alternative to broadloom carpet which is more affordable and possibly practical is carpet tiles. These give you the look and feel of carpet, and luxury without the expense and you can even get very creative by intermixing tiles of different colors and textures to create unique patterns. Most of all, carpet tiles are incredibly easy to install and repair, requiring only the replacement of the few tiles that have been worn, stained, or damaged, with minimal disruption to other parts of the office and staff.

If you’re choosing carpet for your office space and you want to maintain your ‘green’ stance, then think about sustainability, for example, whether the raw materials are artificial, recycled, or natural and whether the carpet can be disposed of safely and easily with minimal toxic emissions.

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