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Fit Out

Experience excellence with Highmoon Office Furniture– your premier fit-out provider in Dubai! Highmoons offers a wide range of interior fitout solutions. Explore our displays featuring the best ceramic floors, laminated engineered solid wood, European wallpapers, Swedish posters, high-quality LED lights, German laminated woods, Italian veneers, Belgian, Spanish, and Canadian carpets, Belgian glass, German switch gears, and more. Enjoy 5 years of free maintenance services on all our projects. With Highmoon Office Furniture expect top-notch interior fit-out designs and services!

The term ‘fit-out’ refers to making interior spaces suitable for occupation. Typically associated with office interior developments, fit-outs involve the completion of base construction by the developer, followed by the final fit-out by the occupant, who often leases space from the developer. Fit-outs can take different forms based on the degree of completion of the building and the interior design specifications required by the occupant:

Shell and Core Fit-out

This phase involves the construction of the basic infrastructure, including the structure, cladding, base plant, common areas, and external works. Shell-and-core fit-outs provide the fundamental framework for spaces like offices, residential areas, retail outlets, F&B establishments, and healthcare facilities.

Category A Fit-out

Developers complete this level of fit-out, which encompasses raised floors, mechanical and electrical services distribution, internal surface finishes, and blinds. Category A fit-outs prepare spaces for occupancy by tenants, ensuring basic functionality and aesthetics.

Category B Fit-out

Tailored to the tenant’s requirements, Category B fit-outs include final finishes, branding, office installations, meeting rooms, reception areas, lighting, IT and audiovisual equipment, kitchen facilities, and furniture. This phase transforms spaces into personalized environments conducive to the tenant’s operations.

Turnkey Fit-out

This comprehensive option delivers fully furnished spaces ready for immediate occupation. Turnkey fit-outs, falling under Category C Fit-out, are often undertaken by developers or tenants for subletting purposes, providing complete solutions for seamless move-in experiences.

Design Considerations

Efficiency/Space Planning: Optimize floor plate efficiency and flexibility using demountable partitions and acoustic ceilings to accommodate open-plan and cellular layouts.

Acoustics: Prioritize noise reduction and privacy with expert guidance on acoustic solutions

Lighting Levels: Adhere to lighting standards such as LG3 for optimal visual display terminal performance.

Cooling Levels: Ensure localized control of cooling systems for cellular offices and adequate fresh air provision.

Audiovisual: Incorporate AV installations seamlessly into joinery installations, considering blackout blinds and lighting schemes.

Reinstatement: Account for lease agreements requiring reinstatement to original standards upon vacation.

Communication: Strategically plan team locations, noise separation, breakout areas, kitchen facilities, storage, and reception areas to enhance communication and employee comfort.

Highmoon Office Furniture serves as your reliable partner for all fit-out requirements, offering top-quality interior design solutions tailored to your specific needs. As a leading fit-out contractor in Dubai, we are committed to delivering exceptional results across all fit-out phases.

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